"Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti" Sophia Loren
"Beauty is the child of love" Henry Ellis
"Beauty is as useful as useful things, perhaps even more useful" Victor Hugo
"Styles come and go. Good design is not style, but language" Massimo Vignelli
"Simplicity is the ultimate complexity" Leonardo da Vinci
"Good design is like a fridge - if it works, it's not noticeable. If it doesn't, it stinks" Irene Au
"All things are designed, but there are few things that are well designed" Brian Reed

Palazzo Interiors


I do not know where to start” = We consult you, we draw up an actionplan and provide solutions!

Don’t know how to write my ideas down…” = We listen to your ideas, we offer additional solutions, we show the right products!

There is a need for interior design, but there is no time to deal with it” = We will take care of all tasks, while realizing your visions!


Palazzo Interiors offers you both full and full service of interior design – from spatial and color schemes to choosing decorations, furniture and project supervision.

You can always ask for advice – we will help! Email or call us right now or call – we are here for you!

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The main activities of the Palazzo Interiors are interior design, interior design consultancy, project management, design and sales of custom furniture furniture, import of design furniture for private houses, apartments and communal spaces. Palazzo team includes certified interior decorators and interior designers. We will help you with our experiences and contacts!


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