A joint tradeshow booth at Habitare 2018

Design of the tradeshow booth Palazzo Interiors

The client was the Enterpreneurship division of Pärnu. The goal was to design a joint tradeshow booth at Habitare 2018 for companies from Pärnu. Habitare is an annual interior design and furniture tradeshow happening in Finland.

Following companies from Pärnu were represented at the tradeshow:

  1. Pehmö – https://pehmo.ee/
  2. Pesuliisu – https://pesuliisu.ee/
  3. Jalg – https://www.jalg.me/
  4. 123OK – https://123ok.eu/et/
  5. A company doing laser cutting, whose name was left a secret. However, they created some lovely laser-cut wooden tree figures for the booth.