House in Pärnumaa

Interior architect Airita Aim
Design furniture Palazzo Interiors

This home was built for young couple with a baby on the way. The clients were people who enjoy the possibilites that high tech inventions give us so we chose the Smart House option. House, that can easily be controlled with an iPad.


It’s an exciting three story home plan. The house is decorated in personalised details keeping in mind the family that lives there. The idea was to stress the youthful and playful elements that the family represented.

There’s a place in the basement to unwind and recharge, every young man’s dream – a soundproofed special lighting mediaroom that can be used as a home theatre. It is also equipped for playing Playstation.

On the first floor there is a sauna, a utility room and a light living room with an open kitchen and a dining room area. The whole of first floor is laid with porcelain tiles. To contrast the glossy white floor, throughout the whole floor there is walnut-veneer furniture to incorporate warmth into the room.

The living room is separated from the kitchen area by a wall. On the kitchen side of the wall there are all the appliances (stove, refridgerator). The living room side of the fall holds a custom made fish tank, as per the family’s request.

The focal point of the living room is a fireplace covered in natural stone. A chair hanging rom the ceiling and a fun cheese lamp bring a playful twist to the room.

The family’s bedrooms are located on the second floor. Mom and dad’d bedroom is decorated in silvery gray colors. There’s also a direct way to the walk-in closet and the bathroom.

There are playful ceramic coat racks hanging in the bathroom bringing together the look with the ceramic tiles.

In a guest bedroom a brown-hued Luigi Colani designer wallpaper is hanging on the walls. Its interesting details create quite the view at the head of the bed. The baby’s room is also on the second floor. The goal was to create a happy, light-filled, yet cozy room for the baby. After a long search we found the furniture from England. In this room as well as the others, Pärnu’s very own curtain designer Varje Kuures’s curtains and bedspreads bring warmt to the rooms.