Log house in Pärnumaa

Interior architect Airita Aim
Custom-made furniture, design furniture Palazzo Interiors

On the scenic shore of Lake Kabli lies the perfect place to spend the weekend or a holiday with a larger group.


This milled log house was built to be a vacation home. Palazzo got a request to design the entire interior decor and we were given free rein for the whole design process! The households three bedrooms, a sauna and a bathroom with two sinks, a shower and a hot tub.

We started the work after the walls went up. We had to get creative when it came to figuring out a way to hide all the wiring for the electric and lighting systems. Some of them we hid into window frames. The best solution in the bedroom was choosing a high headboard for the bed and hiding the floor lamp’s wires back there.

Since the house is located on the beautiful Kabli beach, the materials we used were very natural and of the earth – wood, stone granite, dimension stone and glass. Since it is a log house, it can start to feel a little boring given that its ceilings and floors are wood. To compensate, we made it a little bit more elegant using wood paints and oils to give it different shades.

The furniture is mostly custom made. Some of it are designer pieces from Italy and Spain.

One of the main eye-catchers is the fireplace in the living room. As is the hand-painted picture on the wall between the fireplace and the kitchen which was done by one of the people in our design team.

In addition to the interior, we also took part in shaping some of the exteriors. Along with the landscape architect, we had a chance to plan the look of the yard and surrounding premises. Thanks to Palazzo there is a lovely grill house by the main house giving a chance to spend an unforgettable vacation!