Viiking Spa Hotel

Interior architect Riho Jagomägi
Reception counter furniture, composite, spa and outdoor plastic furniture Palazzo Interiors

Palazzo Interiors had an opportunity to contribute to the continuous renovations of the Viiking Spa Hotel.


Reception desk:

Our job was to provide the clients’ desk countertops along with behind the counter cupboards and furniture. Interior architect had planned on using wood materials on the ceilings in the reception area but due to the low ceilings, he buried the idea. As a solution, we suggested using a wood imitation plastic.

Patient registration desk:

At first, we planned to separate the registration desk with illuminated plexiglass walls. After failing to find a person who’d actually know how to cut the desired shapes, we started looking for other options. The best alternative was to use see-through composite materials that we were able to fit with LED lights. This material also allowed us to build extra spaces behind the counter for the nurse’s personal belongings.


Since the bar was designed to go right next to the pool, we had to make sure it would be waterproof. So once again we used the composite material because of its durability.

Spa terrace:

Palazzo provided Viiking Hotel with a weather- and waterproof terrace furniture. All the pieces are fitted with lights so the terrace can be used comfortably even at night time. This colourful furniture creates a cosy feeling during the evenings. Not to mention it’s a delight for the eyes!

After being a part of the renovations at Viiking Spa Hotel, Palazzo Interiors could once again be proud of how our help, advice and contacts helped preserve and enhance the architect’s original vision.


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