Habitare 2019 joint exhibition booth for companies in Pärnu

Design for the joint exhibition booth Palazzo Interiors

For several years now, the City of Pärnu has been supporting local small design companies at the Habitare Design Fair in Finland. Once again, their joint exhibition booth was designed by us.

To make the exhibition booth attractive, we analyzed the booth made last year and looked for ideas to showcase the uniqueness of each company, while keeping everything together. Since the products represented were home products, we based the design concept on home. The common exhibition booth was in the shape of a house with open walls and white beams beautifully framing the interior and exterior design.

In addition to the designer present, we planned written introductions, background stories and pictures for each company’s products. In order to highlight all of them individually, we opted for general lighting and promotional and product-oriented lights. With such a bright, luminous and well-lit box design, the bright and colorful products of the designers were able to stand out well to passing fair visitors.

This year, the following Pärnu design companies participated in the Habitare design fair: Pesuliisu, Vaas&Vaas, Pehmö, Jalg, Neeledesign.

Feedback from the companies themselves was extremely positive. It was said that the booth helped to showcase their products very successfully and invited people to see easily.

Pictures by Kati Vaas.