Penthouse in Pirita, Tallinn

Interior architect Airita Aim
Custom made furniture, design furniture Palazzo Interiors

Penthouse apartment in Pirita. There aren’t many options for a penthouse with such an amazing view that there are in Pirita beachfront property!


Airita Aim from Palazzo had a chance to create an exclusive and comfortable living space. The apartment itself is 300 m2 with an additional 70 m2 in balcony space. The freedom of having no set budget is every designer’s rarely occurring dream. All that the client asked for is for it to be in a Scandinavian style. Of course, we obliged.

For a start, we added a second floor in order to put in a second bedroom which was decorated in all white. The back wall where the headboard is padded with vinyl fabric. Other visible pipes or eyesores got also coated in a decorative fabric. Thick tilted windows allow for a leisurely sea-gazing and relaxation. To set the mood, the floor is covered in natural wool carpet with a beach drift imitation (custom made in Valley).

The second bedroom is mostly dominated by brown colours that are contrasted by white and cream hues. The jewel of the room is an exclusive leather headboard with one of a kind plywood light fixtures hanging on either side.

Childrens’ room is the brightest and the sunniest. The floor is covered with nice light parquet. What made this room challenging was it had six corners and all of them asymmetrically situated. Finally, we decided to go along with it and created even more corners! Green, yellow and blue storage cupboards add a touch of colour to the otherwise white wall. The most impressive part about the room is the stunning ceiling made to look like a light blue sky which was after careful consideration ordered from Viesta Desing. The wardrobe is cleverly hidden into the white wall while its door is painted in chalkboard paint.

The apartment holds two bathrooms. The first one is done in mostly white tones and the other one in luscious browns. For the walls, we used porcelain tiles. A tree silhouette on one of the walls add mystery to the room and the wall-sized mirror only accentuates it. The clear square lines used throughout the apartment are clearly visible here as well. The luxurious steam room in the other bathroom can be used as just a shower as well.

The heart of the apartment is the living room where your eye is automatically drawn to the fireplace wall decorated with beautiful natural sandstone. The same material is used in the kitchen and hallway floors. The custom made light floor tiles under the fireplace were made on site. The living room floor is laid in dark oak parquet with RGB spotlight fixtures installed into it. With no direct sunlight coming from this side we decided against curtains. Besides, why cover up a view as amazing as this?

Working together with Riho Jagomägi, the architect, three skylights were put in to add value and light to the whole space. In addition, there are many light fixtures installed around the perimeter of the room to bring in light even during the darkest of winter evenings.

Shi shi fake plants and trees were used to add a little nature and greenery to inside and outside of the apartment. A penthouse is a dream come true. All there is to hope for now is a nice summer weather!