Arrital kitchen furniture – Italian design furniture influencer

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Today’s customer is faced with a difficult task, as the range of kitchen furniture on the market is very wide. Arrital should not be chosen by someone looking for kitchen cabinets. This furniture is suitable for homes where the kitchen is not just a functional place to cook. The kitchen is the place where the minds open, communication is born and life itself begins.

Apparently, every human being can recall a moment from the past where we suddenly stood in front of something so beautiful and perfect that it took our breath.”It happened to me about seven years ago at Milan’s iSaloni when I first met Arrital’s Italian kitchen,” says Alexander Gansen, co-founder of Palazzo Interiors.

“I can’t even explain what it was exactly that caught our eye and made us look more closely. Probably the wholeness of it. But the bottom line is that today, seven years later, we have met Arrital again, and this time for a long time, ”Alexander continues. In 2012-2013, many Palazzo customers discovered the charm and style of Arrital Cucine kitchens. Then there was a break of about five years, when the manufacturer did not turn his gaze to Estonia. But as early as 2018, at the Milan Furniture and Design Fair, Palazzo designers headed for the Arrital trade show booth and demanded an appointment with the sales manager. “After nearly a year of negotiations, we were able to prove that we are worthy of this brand. We are now proud to offer Palazzo customers design furniture from this very special manufacturer, ”says Airita Aim, Palazzo Interiors manager and reputable interior designer.

What makes Arrital what it is?

What makes a piece of furniture a work of art? What makes a single producer an artist? Why has Arrital won recognized international design awards almost every year since 1979?

To answer these questions, we need to look at history and honor a very special community. Namely, from day one, the founders of the company were able to build a team of the best craftsmen in their field who truly enjoy the opportunity to be creative and collaborate with some of Italy’s most famous architects – creating the design of Arrital’s collections.

Arrital’s vision, confidence and modern flat management have helped to create exceptional compositions in a cost-effective manner. Arrital engineers develop and apply very special solutions in the manufacture of furniture body, doors and accessories in their collections. Attention is paid to every detail. User comfort is always a consideration, but no compromise is ever made on superb design and ergonomics.

The range of Arrital finishes is so wide and rich that even the most demanding homeowner or interior designer can find the right composition for them.

We have found no other manufacturer’s portfolio in such elegantly and effectively finished aged wood facades. Particular attention should be paid to the construction of the doors, where the solid wood panel is attached to a lightweight and durable aluminum frame, which provides a very comfortable and handy “finger behind” solution without handle.


Most furniture manufacturers come up with trendy materials with a multi-year delay. Arrital is a pioneer in furniture design. A wide range of materials include Fenix, metallic, Frosted Glas, clear glass, Gres ceramic facades, matt and high gloss, wood, laminates, structural melamine, super-matt melamine, oxidized paint and Corian composite facades.

The impressive range of glass gives the interior architect the ability to design floor-to-ceiling cabinets that add dignity, style, class to every room.