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Everything ‘s born from the love of the wood. The solid wood, worked with the craftsmanship of those who know how to turn a log into a piece of artwork. Porada has its origin from this passion. It was established in 1968 by Luigi Allievi with the aim of expanding the production of chairs, started in 1948.

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Cattelan Italia

During the 1990s, the company started to export stylish and simple products, with a particular attention to details all over the world. All this thanks to the dynamic nature of the son Paolo. This of course characterizes our “Made in Italy” credentials.

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MSG - Sangiacomo

The furniture company SANGIACOMO was born in 1968 in Brugnera, in the province of Pordenone. In 1971 it moved to its current Cecchini di Pasiano. In 1987 Sangiacomo acquired the Meson’s kitchens, historical brand founded in 1963.
The continuous attention to the development of markets, the careful research of quality aesthetic and functional and the careful selection of materials. These things always give an added value to the products Sangiacomo able to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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Le Fabier

Le Fablier’s products are born from an idea that goes beyond the simple functionality. They are in fact the desire to give an emotion and to give life to a cozy atmosphere like a caress the foundations of his accomplishments. Respect for tradition combined with continuous research and the use of quality wood are the perfect completion.

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Tonin Casa - modern

It is one of our designers’ favorite tasks: think of how great it is to spend the day projecting, drawing and creating the spot you are going to sleep on! This pleasure in making, allowed Tonin Casa’s designers to easily define what is best for you, while you rest. Lines and curves were thought to provide a safe spot to relax, read, sleep or, well, do every single thing your mind can think of. Because, you know?, there’s nothing better than doing something in your own bed.

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Tonin Casa - classic


“We wanted a new wave to shape Italian tradition. It was hard and exciting, and it made us grow faster and faster. It taught us what we needed, to create products filled with energy and empathy, products thought to be part of their owners’ lives, forever.”

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Biba Salotti

Biba Salotti sofas are made of natural and innovative materials selected by manufacturer according to criteria of quality, safety and solidity. Such characteristics combined with accuracy of traditional working methods make each Biba’s sofa precious and durable.

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The company produces sofas and armchairs with timeless classic or modern styling. Alberta also makes exclusive interior design pieces, all from extraordinarily high-quality materials. Authentic artisan skill and genuine passion combine to produce new pieces based on original ideas and fresh perspectives.

Company founder Giuseppe Sbroggiò is driven to design and produce pieces which are the perfect balance between functionality and style. This is the drive he shares with his sons Riccardo, Vittorio and Edoardo as well as with his entire staff.

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Siloma was born in the 1968 in Barbisano, in the children’s bedroom field. Today it offers a wide range of proposals for livingrooms, kitchens and bedrooms, which are characterized by modularity, flexibility, care for materials and for design.

This is a modern company that suggests young and flexible solutions to meet the requirements of the current trends, that are characterized by functional technology and creativity.

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We want to do more than just provide solutions for your practical needs, we want to give shape to your dreams. So you can experience shapes and colours and we can personalise spaces, make wishes come true but also provide the answers to everyday needs, with complete, comprehensive and flexible solutions. Twils: beds and everything around them.

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Smania products are the essence of handcraft culture, passion, of the most audacious beauty. From an executive office armchair to a luxury dining table, form an elegant bed to a sophisticated outdoor lamp. Smania items reflect every detail of your soul.

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The main activities of the Palazzo Sisustusalong are interior design, interior design consultancy, project management, design and sales of custom furniture furniture, import of design furniture for private houses, apartments and communal spaces. Palazzo team includes certified interior decorators and interior designers. We will help you with our experiences and contacts!


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