House in Pärnu

Interior architect Airita Aim
Design furniture Palazzo Interiors

This 1960s house was in much need of renovation at the same time it was custom designed for the family’s lifestyle and needs.


The client’s wish was to do a complete renovation.Without any actual ideas or vision, we started from scratch. In the planning phases, we managed to come to the basic points that should characterise the whole decor. These were timelessness, minimalistic, simple and functional. After we figured out these points, the colour scheme, choice of materials and later furniture and finishing touches, came to us quickly.

It is a two-story house with the first floor guarded by two little dachshunds. Usually, people prefer to have wood floors to bring warmth and cosiness to space, especially in rooms that are most frequently used. However, to make the floors dog-proof, they had to lay the first floor with ceramic tiles.

Palazzo Interiors also helped the family in choosing the right furniture, fabrics and finishing touches. The work went really smoothly because the client had complete trust in us and was willing to go over each detail.