Layout of the premises

The best moment to involve an interior designer in planning a new project is at the very beginning. Then the architect starts to lay down the architectural idea and layout and size of the premises. This way you can pinpoint the interior design plan and see if it’s in line with the architect’s plans. Fortunately, you can make further changes at this stage.


An interior designer might also be needed when the architect has finished and it is necessary to move forward. In this stadium, it’s no longer possible to change the layout of the rooms – but we can still help. Our designers and architects will find a solution to fix or re-evaluate any complications or unwanted results.

Palazzo helps to choose the perfect room layout. Best layout for the room is created according to the size of the project, the intention of use and also the number of people that will use the room. If needed we can help with setting up the whole layout, creating the drafts and also support with upcoming stadiums of the project.