Choosing the decorations

One of the most exciting aspects when designing a new space is selecting the details and small decorations. Once you have set a good foundation for the room layout and chosen the lighting and colour schemes, a good way to give character and soul to the room is adding those small finishing touches.

However, it might prove to be harder the more ideas you have. That’s why we have our decorators to help guide you in making those choices and giving character to each and every room. We have a saying here, in Palazzo Interiors:

„Never bring anything into your home that you don’t use or consider to be beautiful – it’s all about balance.”

The reasons to choose Palazzo when it comes to decorations:

  • We are partners with many international manufacturers.
  • We are the sole importer of many different brands.
  • Our designers have secret tricks in knowing how to get the best finds.
  • Our experience in budgeting helps us find the solutions that are right just for You!